The Association for Distracted People Goes Global – and releases report on distracted behavior

Our press release in English:
In November 2017, the Global Association for Distracted People (yes, you read it right) released the report and book: The World’s 101 Best Distracted Stories: And why we started a global association for distracted people.
The association uses humor to support people that forget keys, cell phones, meetings, dogs… and other ordinary things.
“Ordinary forgetfulness is often frowned upon in our societies, so it can be tough for people like us. We need an association to support us,” says Johan Rapp, founder and chairman.

Humorous situations

Now, for the first time, the association has moved to become truly international with a report in English. So far, its efforts to increase tolerance had been mainly focused on Sweden, where it was founded 14 years ago and has about 1,500 registered members. Its books in Swedish, German and Italian have sold in tens of thousands of copies. Swedish radio, TV and newspapers continuously give it coverage.
Distracted stories have poured into the association from people who apply for membership and from international testimonials. They form the foundation of the report. As it turns out, distracted people often get entangled in awkward situations with a humorous touch. For instance the woman who took the bus to the car inspection service… or the man who walked the dog but forgot the dog.

It is human to forget
“We hope this report and the website shows readers that it is perfectly human to forget, especially in our increasingly stressful world. An iconic example is Albert Einstein. He was one of the smartest people of the 20th century, but he could not remember his own phone number,” Rapp says.
Board members are located in New Zealand, the United States, Thailand, Great Britain and Sweden. Official website
The report is available with samples on Amazon (link). Media can get the full report directly from the association, via
Phone to chairman Johan Rapp: +467070269

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